Fluid Drive Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles

Fluid Drive Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles Service, Repair and Parts

Tube Bundle Manufacturing

As a proven leader in fluid drive repair; PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. continually strives to meet our customer needs through innovation and adaptation. Manufacturing our own heat exchanger tube bundles used with the Class 6 Gyrol® Fluid Drives is just one example of the ways we have stretched our platform to be of better service to you.

As our business expanded, we included heat exchanger repair services not associated with turbo couplings. We currently maintain an inventory of admiralty and Cu-Ni tubes with various diameters, tube sheets ranging from 6’ to 17’ in diameter and baffles to complement this inventory. We can also fabricate or repair most popular tube bundles in a few days.

Fluid Drive Heat Exchangers

PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. is able to identify existing or old heat exchangers and provide a complete replacement from the manufacturer as a part of our service.

Tube Bundle Repair

We repair tube bundles in addition to manufacturing them. Prior to wire roding, cleaning and testing; bundles are evaluated to determine their general condition to ensure cost effective repairs. We verify the actual remaining wall thickness of tubes, number of leaks, condition of tube sheets and baffles. Our Engineering Processing Department together with our Quality Control Department then makes recommendations to repair individual leaks, replace individual tubes or to re-tube the entire bundle.

Tube Bundle Testing

New or repaired tube bundles are pressure tested up to 225 psi. Each tube is independently reviewed for structural soundness as is the tube sheet joint for each tube. All bundles can be hydrostatically tested inside shells allowing us to check not only the integrity of individual tubes, but also every joint between tube and the tube sheet. Once testing is complete, we provide a test report and service certification.

Tube Bundle Guarantee

We guarantee that our tube bundles will perform as well as or better than your original bundles. Our tube bundles are dimensionally interchangeable, cost-effective, reliable and interchangeable with ITT, Ross, and American Standard heat exchanger tube bundles. PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. produces these tube bundles to TEMA standards. There is no compromise for safety and quality; instead our customers realize a gain in reduced cost and shorter lead time.

Additionally, if a tube bundle is replaced during the in house overhaul of the compete fluid drive; we will guarantee not only the tube bundle, but also the repair of any damages to the hydraulic coupling caused by the failed bundle.

All bundles are assigned a specific serial number for better tracking.