Voith® Turbo Couplings

Voith® Variable-Speed Turbo Couplings Service, Repair and Parts

PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. has earned a solid reputation for our service in fluid drive solutions, especially as it pertains to servicing variable speed couplings, geared variable speed drives, torque convertors as gas turbine starting systems and constant fill turbo couplings.

Our company stands above all others because we have committed time and material investment in reverse engineering thousands of parts with accompanying drawings to better meet our customers’ needs. We can respond faster and with a better quality parts in most, if not all situations. If a replacement part is ordered through the OEM, that part will likely come from overseas. Lead times are longer and you will pay more.

Our parts are all American made and sourced here. Most importantly, PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. goes great lengths to repair your existing equipment, returning it to optimal running condition when possible. Very often, the OEM will recommend new equipment rather than repair the existing. As an added bonus, we work with our customer, to improve on product design to achieve a high level of performance. Our goal is to respond, adapt and deliver nothing but the best service.

Variable Speed Fluid Couplings

These couplings are the work horse of the industry. Like other manufacturer’s hydraulic couplings, they offer: infinitely variable speed control, no load starting, torque limitation, controlled acceleration and deceleration, shock absorption, reduction of torsional vibration and power transmission at high efficiency.

Installation includes all types of blowers, compressors and conveyors in industries such as combine cycle power plants, chemical, metallurgical and petroleum. Sizes are segregated into three major types: SVL, SVTL and SVNL.

Geared Variable Speed Drives

In this design, the variable speed coupling is combined with a gearbox in a single housing. With one or two gear stages the output speed can be optimized for the driven machine. The design consists of a speed increasing gear set followed by variable speed turbo coupling and alternative second stage gear set.

Geared Variable Speed Drives are most suited to applications requiring high-power and high-speed; like boiler feed pumps and compressors, or with a speed reducing gear set low-speed application like coal mills, ID fans and crude oil pumps. Geared variable speed turbo couplings can handle input power of more than 13000 HP and speed of up to 6000 RPM.

Constant Fill Turbo Couplings

These simple but highly reliable hydrodynamic fluid couplings have three main components: two bladed rotors and an enclosing casing. Powerflow Engineering, Inc. can no load test them after the overhaul.

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