Nelson, Fluidrive and Transfluid

Nelson, Fluidrive and Transfluid Service, Repair and Parts

PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. leads the way in service and maintenance for all brands of hydraulic couplings including fluid drives across the manufacturing spectrum; large through small. These fluid drives and hydraulic couplings fall within the same standards of service as all other parts and equipment we maintain and repair, including our twenty four hour a day, seven day a week, commitment to support and service. We’ve outlined our services for Voith®, and Howden in separate areas of our website. Some of the additional brands that we service are:

Nelson Liquid Drive

Nelson liquid drives are American made in six design categories PM2, PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6, PM7 and PM 8. Their duty range is 1 HP to 5000 HP with speeds from 600 to 3600RPM. These drives are used frequently in industries such as mining, shipping, pulp & paper and chemical.

Fluidrive; Vulcan-Sinclair

PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. has been providing service to customers who utilize the British Fluidrive/Vulcan-Sinclair and F.E.C.L. scoop control fluid couplings/fluid drives in their power trains for many years. Customers using this equipment come from a variety of industries such as the self-unloading shipping industry, power utility, the paper industry and mining, among others.

Variable speed models are classified as SCR. The SCR 6 and SCR 24 models are provided with semi-flexible input and output mountings. The SCR 7 and SCR 25 models have self-aligning support bearings incorporated in the scoop housing bracket.

Our parts inventory also covers SCR 4 and SCR 5, all specialty units and many others too numerous to list.


These Italian manufactured couplings are used in similar industries in the United States as Nelson Liquid Drives and Fluidrive SCR’s. They offer fix fill in addition to variable speed couplings.

Their unique design does not incorporate mechanical, movable components (scoop tube), to control speed; but rely on an external oil pump and valves to regulate oil volume in the working circuit. Currently, their KPT and KSL models have sizes covering 90 to 2300 HP and speeds of 100 to 3600 RPM.

Unmatched Service, Maintenance and Support

PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. has many years of experience in servicing and maintaining these manufacturers as well as several others. We have acquired an extensive documentation library that allows us to ensure our customers a rapid turn-around for repairs of any brand. These added benefits on top of our unmatched service, maintenance and support that make PowerFlow Engineering, Inc. the best in the business.

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